Why choose Stars of Kovan over any other housing estate?

Why would you ever pick a condominium which is convenient for you in any way? You must always choose the condominium which is convenient for you in every possible way. There are a few points which you must keep in mind before you decide the perfect condominium for yourself. This article presents the review of Stars of Kovan, Singapore. This is one of the most famous condominiums in Singapore.

Variety of conveniences available

This condo unit encompasses a broad array of amenities for the residents. Along with 395 residential and 45 commercial units, this place includes medical institutions, educational facilities for instance schools and leading companies are here. Moreover, you will be highly benefitted as there is a high leasing return in this place.

Entertainment facility

There are a number of shopping malls, eateries and other options for entertainment encompassing Stars of Kovan. You can spend a few lovely outings with your friends and family. Beautiful and relaxing ambience gives this unit a luxurious feeling. Shopping malls and plazas like Serangoon Plaza and United Square Shopping malls are nearby this housing unit.

Transport facility

This is the best feature among all other features available here. Daily commuters have an excellent transportation service since, Bartley MRT, Kallang MRT, and Boon Keng all readily available from this place. Major highways and critical expressways are not far from this location.

Nice design layouts

Stars of Kovan have a very well planned out design layout which is quite spacious. Thus, both residential, as well as commercial units, are highly benefitted from this. Each and every condo unit is presented with considerable attention. The interiors are made extremely well and provide ample working as well as living space. Overall, this is a captivating property which keeps in mind all the necessary features for residential as well as commercial needs.

Renowned educational centers nearby Gem Residences

For people who are in search of a home with all basic amenities, the upcoming new project Gem Residences can become their dream place. This newly developing condominium at Toa Payoh not only has good network connectivity, on-demand services and superb facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, gym & nearby market place but also has most well-known schools and libraries in and around the site.

Gem Residences- list of nearby schools

Some well-known schools those are located near Gem Residence

  • Pei Chin Public School
  • CHIJ Secondary School
  • First Toa Payoh Primary School
  • First Toa Payoh Secondary school
  • Gaungyang Primary School
  • Marymount Convent School
  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian
  • St Gabriel’s Primary School
  • St. Andrew’s Junior School
  • Catholic High school
  • Raffles institution
  • Raffles Junior College
  • St. Andrew Junior College
  • Global Indian International School
  • SJI International School
  • Australian International School
  • Curtin University of Technology

So if you are searching for good educational centers near your place of the dwelling then this new condo should be your first choice.

CHIJ Primary and Secondary School near condo, Toa Payoh

Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) is the leading schools situated in Singapore. This academic institution provides both secondary and primary education with top class faculty. With this institution, you can provide your kid not only academic training but also holistic schooling. It is located just next to Toa Payoh MRT station. If you are dreaming to educate you kid in a leading school, it is right at your doorstep.

Community library at Toa Payoh

Community library, one of the popular libraries is located at Toa Payoh HUB and also in Toa Payoh Central. Along with large area, it also has huge collection of books to satisfy your needs. It is located within a short distance from both Toa Payoh MRT station and Braddell MRT station.

How Lake Grande Have Created Job Opportunities

Apart from just being a residential home, Lake Grande have paved ways of job opportunities. You cannot possibly live there and remain without a job. The developers of this property aimed at establishing a home in a place where every resident will get an opportunity to indulge in their field of interest. In that case you can be sure that a job awaits you at Lake Grande. You may be wondering what a residence has to do with job opportunities. But this property has everything to do with the jobs its residents are undertaking or will be doing. This is because it has been situated at the heart of great amenities. Thus offering unlimited job opportunities. For instance there are;

Teaching jobs

There neighboring schools that apart from providing education opportunity to the learners. They also offer job opportunities to those who have trained to be teachers. You don`t have to give up your teaching job simply because you have become a Lake Grande resident. This is because you are liable of getting a teaching job at the place. And the most fascinating thing is that it is within a short walking distance.

Fishing job at Jurong Lake

This is in close proximity from the famous Jurong Lake and if you like you can practice fishing in this place. Especially with the resorts near this property be assured that as a fisherman you will have more than enough customers.

Managerial jobs at the nearby hotels

You still can be a manager as a resident of this place. In case management is your field of specialization. Lake Grande gives you a better opportunity to exercise your skills. The main aim is to make Singapore a better and most developed place.

Security officer

With all the ongoing developments security must be enhanced. In that case don`t give up. You can become a security officer if you like. And dare you not underrate this job because. At this area the job is well paying. The idea of underpaying the employees is a thing of the past in this place.

Sturdee Residences: Homes for families

A home is made with the help of the efforts of the family as a single unit. There are different roles played by the various members and as such a home must then serve the needs of all the members. Sturdee Residences which have been newly launched near the Farrer Park MTR Station help to cater to the needs of families and individuals alike. It has a very contemporary model and is modern in all terms of all the definitions of the word.

Education and fun for the kids

The location of Sturdee Residences is very helpful for those families which bear the responsibility of bringing up a respectable citizen. There are a large number of educational institutions which lie very close to the lush, green development. There are several facilities which have been designed and incorporated in the condo to make sure that kids get all the fun they can.

Relaxation for the family

In today’s world, it has become important to look for avenues to stay connected to your family. Many people tend to forget the importance of family as a unit while being lost in the need for a social connection outside their homes. The opportunities available in Sturdee Residence condo to connect with the family are too many to be counted on your fingers. And not limiting to your family, the same facilities can be enjoyed by your guests too.

Travelling with the family

Since Sturdee Residences is located very close to the Farrer Park MRT Station, the whole family can travel together to their favourite restaurant or entertainments show such a movie by taking the train ride. Such trips allow the family to communicate on a level that is possible in the confinement of the rooms. There are shuttle and bus services also available very close.